Legal Representation For Over 25 Years In Chicago, IL

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Legal Representation

Q. Can you help me if I am considering a divorce?
A. Yes. Our attorneys will fully explain your rights and answer your questions to help you decide on whether to proceed with a divorce filing. They will also answer your questions regarding family law matters, including child support, custody, visitation, alimony and orders of protection.
Q. Do I need an attorney if I am injured?
A. Yes. The American Bar Association states that people who have hired attorneys receive 3.5 times more money from settlement than those who handle their claims alone. If you are injured in any manner call us immediately for a free consultation.
Q. Do I qualify to file for bankruptcy, and how long does it take?
A. Bankruptcy allows an individual to discharge most of their debts and obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy filing has increased significantly with each passing year. They are currently at an all-time high. Filing for bankruptcy is a relatively easy and inexpensive process. Once your petition is filed, it requires one brief meeting with a trustee. The entire case is usually concluded in approximately 4 months.
Q. Do I need an attorney for a real estate closing?
A. No, but it is extremely beneficial to have a lawyer present for a real estate closing. Your attorney can protect you from costly mistakes, errors in the documents, errors in the figures, and problems that could lead to litigation or other costly legal action. The nominal closing fee for an attorney is far less than the undetected clerical errors and fees for post-closing legal action that many people without a competent attorney incur.
Q. How can I protect my assets if I have an incurable injury/illness?
A. Due to advances in medicine people are living longer. Dr. Eric Steele of the Eastern Maine Medical Center states “We have this degree of technical ability to keep people alive without the ability to always restore them to good health.” At times people during their last hospital stay, although technically alive, are in a “vegetative state” and do not enjoy a meaningful quality life. Studies show that many of their estates are financially depleted because of unnecessary and unwanted medical procedures that merely delay death.
If you do not want to be kept alive artificially in the event of an incurable injury/illness, contact us about preparing a Medical Power of Attorney and/or a Living Will.